Concordia suffer a severe blow to their economy


They invite citizens to buy local products to be consumed, in order to prevent the people’s economy from sinking further, in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The blow is hard and as the days go by it is more complicated for all the turns to keep the businesses open and also activate the source of employment, in Concordia, however, they look for alternatives that do not harm the workers, in In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Ricardo Vizcarra said.

The president of the Vive Concordia Association said that the restaurant sector has added a burden to be active, since the suspension of activities a month ago, generated cancellation of events, and many asked for their money, others postponed it, and this week they add the labor limitation.

“Already this week that only the service to take away was left because less personal is coming to work, but we are leaving it so that everyone has an income at least in their homes, we are giving certain days, to each one, from which they distribute , the cook, the assistant, the one who did the cleaning ”.

He said that these sequels generated with the COVID-19 that hit all active sectors of the economy, leaving many unemployed, in those cases with businesses that still survive, such as Concordia, there must be a local consumption and avoid further damage.

“Local consumption that is what can come to rescue a little more of all this that is happening, because if we do not consume locally, it will not sink more than we are sunk, because the truth is very critical of this situation and more in these towns ”.

Ricardo Vizcarra recalled that Concordia, in many of its businesses make a living from tourism, but as this activity is temporarily suspended, in the midst of this pandemic, the City has been hitting severely, since not even typical dinners can be active, in the absence of diners.


The Mazatlan Post