Sanitation brigades continue in more Culiacán neighborhoods


For the second consecutive day, brigades of workers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Cesavesin, Coepriss, and Health, carried out sanitation work in public spaces, parks, and boulevards in popular neighborhoods, with the aim of halting the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Culiacán registers 245 active cases so far.

The undersecretary of Agriculture, Jesús Rigoberto Mejía Samaniego, led these brigades, which this time were dedicated to spraying the colonies with a solution of chlorine Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Libertad, Loma Bonita , Paseo de los Arcos, Barrancos and PEMEX, from an early hour.

Quirino Ordaz Coppel

“We are on the second day with this sanitation program on the instructions of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to support areas of the city with many cases of COVID 19,” he said.

The state official explained that in these tasks are being carried out with 18 tractors provided by the Culiacán River Farmers Association and Irrigation Modules, plus another dozen pickup trucks, mounted with spray fumigation equipment, from which the chlorine contributed by the Dra. Elga Foundation for Mexico, which donated 600 liters of chlorine in the last two days.

“All these efforts have possible thanks to the instruction that the Governor has given us; right now we are in an alert stage, where the public must be made aware that these tasks are being carried out for the benefit of all the people of Culiacán,” he said.

For this reason, Mejía Samaniego reiterated the call to the population to stay home, and leave only for what is most essential, either to go to their essential work, or to buy food or medicine.

Source: Meganoticias

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