Family wins a trip to Mazatlan for staying home during quarantine


The González Morales de San Pedro family used their savings to recreate the beach

The Mazatlán Tourism Promotion Office will make the dream of the González Morales family, from San Pedro, Coahuila, come true to take them on vacation to their paradisiacal beaches.

After that, through the media, they learn about the history of this family, who, in the face of the COVID 19, recreated the beaches of Mazatlán in the courtyard of their house.

14 04 Mazatlan family

Julio Birrueta, director of the Mazatlán Tourism Promotion Office, noted that upon learning of this news, the decision was made to give the family a certificate for a courtesy trip for the members of this family.

Blanca Estela Morales Nuñez and Christian Omar Gonzalez and the little Christian Matias and Mariel agreed to show their emotion when they were benefited with this gift certificate.

For the family, investing the resources they would use to take their children on vacation and recreate the emblems of Mazatlán in their backyard, was the best decision: “We did this for our children so that they would pass this contingency in a more creative atmosphere, “they noted.

Without imagining the impact that their initiative has had, they said that this moment where you have to stay at home can be done without involving a burden or regret for the family, aware of the need to take care of themselves.

This certificate applies lodging nights located in the golden zone of Mazatlán, as well as various walks around the city, such as the emblematic islands of the port. This certificate will be valid until December of this year.


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