They ask that older adults in Mazatlan not go to the IMSS for medicines


Hospital personnel in the Mexican Army exhort relatives or neighbors of an older adult to take medicine to avoid risking their health in the face of the pandemic

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As a preventive measure against any contagion of the COVID-19, personnel at the entrance of the General Hospital of Zone number 3 located on the Mexican Army (IMSS), informed Reacción Informativa by way of exhortation, that older adults do not go to collect medicine, in relation to not risking the health of those who are more likely to acquire the virus.

“Preferably they are asked to come another family member, who is from another stage, younger so that we avoid a contagion more than anything,” said an employee.

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Currently, Social Security regulates the entry and exit of people in order not to crowd a number of people inside the premises, therefore, it indicated that in case the elderly are the ones who come, a special window was set up to attend to them. exclusively and can be dispatched as soon as possible.

“If they come they are attended to but they are given a priority window so that they can pick up and leave quickly,” he reported.


The Mazatlan Post