No more parties or gatherings Sinaloa Governor announces alcohol ban


In addition, the restaurants of Culiacán and Navolato are closed; there will only be home delivery

The closure of restaurants in Culiacán and Navolato, as well as the dry law throughout the state, are part of the measures announced by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel this Sunday.

As of this Monday, April 13th , he said that the sale of beer in stores is suspended as well as the sale of alcoholic beverages in supermarkets and service centers throughout the state.

In the case of restaurants, they will only be maintained with home delivery or call and collect, and preferably only one person will attend.

“In the Public Health Council, the following actions and measures have been taken to further strengthen and support the health of Sinaloans and especially human lives,” said the president.

Ordaz Coppel issued a video through his social networks in which he expressed his gratitude to the security forces and to the people who stayed at home during Easter.

“The beaches were free, they were empty, it was shocking for everyone because it is something truly new,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post

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