In Sinaloa, driver offers free rides to IMSS nurses and doctors


The “good Samaritan” from 7:00 am with a sign in his car that says: “Doctor or nurse @ if you go to the hospital or from the hospital to your house the trip is free”

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Great amazement and infinite gratitude has been caused by the medical and nursing staff of Hospital 49 of the IMSS in Los Mochis the exemplary action of the driver of a gray Toyota car, who from very early at 7:00 am and Even at night after 8:00 p.m., he parks in his unit with a sign that says: “Doctor or nurse @ if you go to the hospital or from the hospital to your house, the trip is free.”

This has caused a stir among workers who have benefited from solidary safe transportation, which is why they gladly share with their colleagues the magnificent news in this difficult time to travel by public transportation due to the health emergency due to the coronavirus, explained the director of the Hospital. Enrique Romero.

“There are people who take Uber, I consider it an Uber, and they are watching people who want to come to the hospital and don’t have the way or want to save a little money or something and he brings them to those who come to work too”.

The health workers who have had the opportunity to receive a “raite” from this “good Samaritan” immediately asked him his name and occupation, so it emerged that it is Luis Ángel, from the Indriver platform, who before the lack of requests for work trips joins the noble cause of helping heroes in the fight against COVID-19.


The Mazatlan Post