Expat denounced for assaulting a resident in El Pescadero Baja California Sur


Rafael, a resident of the Pescadero community, reported to CPS Noticias that he had been attacked by a foreigner, indicating that he could not put motorcycles on the shore of the beach because it is a turtle nesting area, and even said that there has already been death of the species Whenever motorcycles circulate around the site without awareness or respect for the environment, Rafael said that the only thing requested is that the beaches be respected since foreigners ignore the signs that have been put up by the authorities.

“Since I arrived I put my business on the beach, we realized that the Americans do not respect, we have had 1,500 turtle eggs run over in a year, 12 dead turtles because they drive their motorcycles there, I have already approached the authorities, however foreigners who live here do not want to respect the laws, it is a problem that has arisen, what we want is for the beaches to be respected, this led to the fact that a foreigner entered my property and broke the signs saying he can drive in these areas, he was upset because I told him that he could not come and break the laws in Mexico and from there he attacked me, that’s what really happened. ”

He added that because of what happened he has already filed the corresponding complaints and calls on the competent authorities to take investigate the matter and that there be a control on the beaches

“It is more necessary for the authorities to apply the law to foreigners who reside here and are not respecting the rules.”

El Pescadero

El Pescadero is a rural area 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas which is still affordable, quaint, and livable. It’s bordered by Cerritos to the south and Todos Santos to the north. Unless you squint hard, you don’t even know when you’re going from one of these places to the next, and they all fall under the administrative jurisdiction of La Paz.

El Pescadero, which means the fish monger, is sometimes incorrectly called El Pescador, which means the fisherman. People who live there often affectionately call It Pesky.

Although El Pescadero’s boundaries are pretty vague, there are three distinct and very different areas. The boundaries between these areas are vague also, but they are unmistakable in their character.


There is the beach sprawl, which is dozens of mostly Gringo owned individual houses built alongside dusty roads laid out in a somewhat cohesive grid. These houses are of various size, value, style, and era, scattered widely, with many empty lots between the homes. The neighborhood is beachside, and since it is on a hill, most of the homes, even in the fifth and sixth rows, have nice ocean views.

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