Coronavirus in Sinaloa update: 27 infected and 3 dead


Culiacán, Sinaloa (March 31, 2020).-The Ministry of Health reports six new cases of people infected with coronavirus in Sinaloa, for a total of 27 positive cases of Covid-19 and 3 deaths from the virus.

On Tuesday March 31st, Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, state health secretary updated the data from the coronavirus pandemic and mentioned that there are 61 suspected cases, as well as 3 people who have already recovered, 2 in Culiacán and 1 in Los Mochis.

Efren Encinas Torres, Secretario de Salud

Among the details of the active people with Covid-19, 16 are women and 17 men, and it stands out that the age range is between 25 to 89 years old.

Health authorities mentioned that there are 3 positive cases of coronavirus in Los Mochis; 1 in Guamúchil; 18 in Culiacán; 4 in Mazatlán and 1 in El Fuerte.

It is mentioned that a 25-year-old woman has already been discharged due to her notorious health improvement.

Six new patients

Recent cases of coronavirus have been recently reported: 3 in Culiacán; 1 in Ahome; 1 in El Fuerte and 1 in Mazatlán (3 women and 3 men), in an age range between 41 and 89 years old.

Tests have also been applied to detect the coronavirus in 198 people, which tested negative.

Source: Secretaría de Salud del Estado de Sinaloa

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