It’s not the time for a vacation Mexican authorities contemplate shutting down all hotels in Mexico


During those weeks, the greatest number of COVID-19 infections could occur, and for this reason, the Federation is considering closing the lodging centers, said the head of Tourism in Sinaloa.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The authorities foresee that the peak of contagions by Coronavirus in Mexico will be during Semana Santa and Easter, so that this Tuesday afternoon it will be announced at the national level what will be done with the Tourism sector to prevent large crowds of people, reported the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa.

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Óscar Pérez Barros explained that it is likely that hotels will be closed for the season this is what has been inferred by the statement released by the Federal Government on Monday afternoon, where it is indicated that said sector is not a basic task that has to remain open and offering its services. during the 30-day health emergency.

“It is nothing official, nor is it published in the Official Gazette, what they are visualizing is that many tourists both Mexican and foreigners, and I do want to clarify because I do not want it to be misinterpreted, both nationals and foreigners are staying in different hotels, so a closure is being analyzed ”.

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The head of the Sectur in Sinaloa was emphatic when reporting that it will be this afternoon when the federal authorities announce what will be done with the tourism sector, after they announced the closure of non-essential activities for 30 days.

Meanwhile, highways, bus stations and airports will continue to be open to citizens.

Currently, there are about 24 thousand lodging establishments nationwide, of which 80 percent are made up of micro, small and medium-sized tourist companies that on average employ 10 to 55 people per unit, and up to 250 people in the case of medium-size establishments.

The crisis due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus could cause Easter 2020, one of the most important holiday periods, to be seen without any tourists since hotels in various destinations in the country have registered the maximum number of cancellations.

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The Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels (AMHM) reported that for the next three weeks, where this holy period is included, places like Puebla, Nuevo León and Acapulco have received one hundred percent cancellations.

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In the case of Cancun, Tabasco and Bahías de Huatulco, the rate of people who will stop traveling is between 80 and 90 percent.

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The agency reported that the average occupations in beach destinations is between 10 and 15 percent; while in the cities it is located at five percent

“It should be clarified that there are some places with occupations in the 45 percent range, this being the highest, but with a tendency to decrease in the coming days,” explained the AMHM.

When is Holy Week “SEMANA SANTA”?

Easter 2020 begins on Sunday, April 5 and ends on Sunday, April 12. The dates are made up as follows:

Palm Sunday: April 5.

Holy Monday: April 6.

Holy Tuesday: April 7.

Holy Wednesday: April 8.

Maundy Thursday: April 9.

Good Friday: April 10.

Holy Saturday or Saturday of Glory: April 11.

Easter Sunday or Easter Sunday: April 12.


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