Charlatan arrested in Jalisco for claiming he had the cure for coronavirus


For disturbing public order, offering sanitary services without authorization, and for carrying out advertising activities without a municipal license, police from San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, detained a man who promised he had the cure to coronavirus.

Citizens alerted the authorities of a man who was circulating in a kind of mobile doctor’s office in which through a horn he called on the population to be cured of all kinds of diseases, from cancer, HIV, diabetes, leukemia, pulmonary emphysema and (why not?), the new coronavirus ( COVID-19).

“In 72 hours, I managed to eradicate dengue in the entire state. Today I am going to show everyone that I can cure the coronavirus disease, ”read the side of the truck.

Officers located the van, a 2015 Toyota, at the intersection of Obregón and Independencia, in Downtown Tlaquepaque. The vehicle had a sign stating that it was a medical office: “An Angel for Life and Health.”

“The suspect said his name was Juan Ángel ‘N’., 76 years old, who was caught with a microphone in hand, disturbing public order and inviting pedestrians to treat themselves to COVID-19,” the police report says.

Police officers interrogated this person, who could not be accredited as a certified doctor nor did he show the permits for public audio advertising and publicity on public roads.

For these offenses, the man was placed at the disposal of the Municipal Courts for administrative offenses and infractions imposed by the Inspection and Regulations area of ​​the San Pedro Tlaquepaque City Council.

The Police report also stated that Juan Ángel N’s office, located in Plan de Ayala, in Fraccionamiento Revolución, had already been closed by Inspection and Regulations, as well as by the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks.

The Mazatlan Post