Mazatlan sex servers will not be prohibited from working despite coronavirus threat


Only antibacterial gel will be required as a preventive measure

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Even with preventive measures, such as the “healthy distance” in restaurants and bars that consist of separating the tables to avoid contact between diners, the dance tables of Mazatlán will not suspend activities, informed the head of the Municipal Medical Services department, Alfonso Sandoval Sánchez.

Resultado de imagen de sexo servidoras mazatlan

“Activity is not restricted, not there,”

The municipal official said that talks have already been held with owners and representatives of brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlors that have sex servants so that they abide by some measures, such as having antibacterial gel.

Resultado de imagen de sexo servidoras mazatlan

Likewise, Sandoval Sánchez said that they will continue with random visits to various centers to verify that they are working in compliance with the regulations that govern them.

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Doctor Alfonso Sandoval Sánchez

Lastly, the doctor recommended that users take their precautions.

“It is difficult for us to tell them ‘do not go’, which is that they go responsibly, that they use condoms and, secondly, that they ask the sex server or the sex server for the health card so that they see that they are a person who it is in constant physical revision ”, he explained.

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