Canacintra Mazatlán prepares “Consume Local” campaign


The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry seeks to minimize the economic impact of COVID-19 in Mazatlán.

If you want to minimize the economic impact of COVID-19 in Mexico, then the activities of people on the street should be limited to a minimum, and for this reason it is necessary to reduce company hours, do work from home and order from home purchases, considered Helena Solveig Larsen Ayala, local leader of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry.

He said that Canacintra affiliated companies are working hard these days to have projects and finished products before the contingency increases and most of the people are at home, to avoid having more people on the street.

And, to prevent the crisis from deepening once the contingency is over, they are preparing the “Consume Local” campaign, which encourages Mazatlecos and Sinaloans to source products from the region.

For this, he said, they are going to join the delegations of Los Mochis, Mazatlán and Nayarit, exchanging stock databases so that what is produced in Sinaloa can be purchased and the state’s economy will be strengthened.

“For example, if in my company I buy an input in Guadalajara, but when reviewing the catalog of products and Sinaloan companies I see that they also have it in Los Mochis, I better by the input from my “paisanos” in Los Mochis,” he explained.

He said that they have already started this process with two producers of antibacterial gel from Mazatlán, approached them to ask them what they need and how they could promote them. At the moment they are already producing.

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Also, she pointed out, it is sought to avoid panic purchases as far as possible, and ry to make people buy in local stores.

“Even all the corner stores have their own suppliers, which in turn have their warehouses that supply them all the time, so there is no risk of shortage,” she noted.

“If the emergency lasts 15 days, Mazatlan companies may be able to survive, if it lasts 30 days, some may not, but if it lasts longer than that, then there will be problems, then we will have to do everything possible to survive,” said Larsen Ayala .

Among these measures are seeking a rapprochement with the Secretary of State Economic Development and Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to request government loans so that companies can sustain their workforce.

Pulmonias: What could be more local?

As for the tourism sector, which has not slowed down until now, she said that preventive health measures should be followed.

A strict control must be done: they have to get infrared thermometers, thermal cameras in swimming pools and beaches, do not clutter restaurants and minimize risks.

Larsen Ayala stressed that the fewer people are on the streets, the less chance there will be of infections, and the faster the state of emergency will pass.

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