Raw, Manuka Honey Kills Every Bacteria Scientists Throw at It, Including Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs


As modern medicine grapples with the global epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, studies are revealing Mother Nature may have had the answer all along.

In recent years, dozens of studies are unveiling the powerful antibiotic, antiviral and immune-boosting properties of raw, unprocessed Manuka honey.

Native to New Zealand and Australia — thanks to the Manuka bushes and Tea Trees there — Manuka honey kills more strains of bacteria and “super” bacteria than any antibiotic known to mankind.

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2014 survey of these studies suggest Manuka honey may be the most powerful tool we have for healing chronic wounds — wounds that do not heal within four to eight weeks due to antibiotic-resistant pathogens like MRSA.

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One of the studies published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases found that Manuka honey eradicated eight strains of common “problematic” wound pathogens — those with innate or acquired antibiotic resistance.

Additionally, the harmful bacteria were not able to “shape-shift” or mutate and become resistant to the honey under conditions that normally trigger them to do so with conventional antibiotics.

Compounds like methylglyoxal in Manuka honey apparently cause multi-system failure in the bacteria, killing them before they are able to adapt and build up immunity, explains one of the authors of the study, University of Sydney microbiologist Dee Carter.

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With an “urgent need for effective agents in topical wound care,” Manuka honey shows promising results, the authors of the report concluded.

Mayan Honey – The World Best Bee Honey

The World Best Bee Honey

Melipona bees are special stingless bees from Central America. They make Melipona or Mayan Honey. Many people say that the Honey is the World Best Bee Honey.

What is Melipona Honey?

Melipona Honey is Honey made by Melipona Bees. Melipona Bees are indigenous to Central America. Their species is under threat of extinction due to the destruction of their habitat and the introduction of European bees which are considerably more aggressive than their American cousins.

Why is Mayan Honey the World Best Bee Honey?

Mayan Honey is widely believed to be the World Best Honey because of the way it is produced. Whereas European Bea’s have been farmed to produce as much volume as possible. The Melipona Bees have been farmed to produce the highest quality product possible. Over many generations, the difference in quality is obvious to all those why taste them. They have also lost their sting so they aren’t dangerous to us.

What is Stingless Bee Honey good for?

The Stingless Bee Honey from Melipona Bees is not just used as a spread on toast. For the Maya, Melipona Honey has many Medical Healing properties.

What are the Health Benefits of Healing Honey?

Honey has many scientifically proven health benefits.

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Eye diseases
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • Neurological disorders
  • Effect on fertility
  • Antidiabetic
  • Anticancer
  • Cholesterol and lipid-lowering effects in Cardiovascular diseases
  • Wound healing activity

More about the science behind the healing properties of Honey here.

The Flavoured Honey tastes great

But most of all the flavor of Mayan Honey is great. It bursts with the taste of wildflowers.

5 Uses for Honey

As well as eating the delicious tasting Melipona honey the Maya have found ingenious ways of incorporating it into products while keeping its healing properties.

  1. Soap
  2. Shampoo
  3. Skin Cream
  4. Talc
  5. Eye drops

Many of the healing properties attributed to honey are the basis for some treatments of traditional medicine around the world, reaching used in the treatment of open wounds, in the treatment of ulcers and sores on the skin also the ancient Maya used Melipona beecheii honey to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. Other traditional uses given to M. beecheii honey are reducing and curing cataracts, pterygium eye, and conjunctivitis. Today Mayan communities use M. beecheii honey for the treatment of diseases like as laryngitis, sinusitis, typhoid, bronchitis, cough and bacterial infections. Even there are reports where the use of honey has been successful against some type of cancers. This chapter compilates some actual medicinal uses of honey from Melipona beecheii in Mayan communities of Yucatan

Source: theholisticworks.com, researchgate.net, meliponinibeehoney.com

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