Vallarta and Cancun among the hottest Springbreak destinations for 2020!


New York – Spring break is one of the most popular travel times of the year and EduBirdie – a hub for Gen Z insights – announces the results of its newest survey, revealing the hottest destinations for 2020.

The study showed that warm weather and a low drinking age are priorities for vacationers as they book their tickets. At the same time, the spread of Coronavirus is causing many to rethink their travel plans: 76% of Gen Z survey participants reported being skeptical about traveling and 23% shared they are considering canceling existing travel plans.

1,205 college students participated in EduBirdie’s survey, which revealed that the top five most popular destinations for Spring Break 2020 are Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, Cancun, Key West and Nassau, Bahamas.

Spring break has always been known to be one of the most exciting trips for college students and recent graduates; it is an opportunity for friends in the same city or from different locations across the country to come together and relax in a new place.

When spending time together off-campus, people want to relax, but it comes at a cost. While EduBirdie found that only 30% of freshman and sophomores typically go on spring break trips, 54% of juniors and 67% of seniors will be going on a spring break trip this year.

Third and fourth year students – and those in graduate school – are typically less reliant on their parents both financially and emotionally which means they have the flexibility and means to plan a trip.

“EduBirdie’s study shows that Gen Z thinks it’s extremely important to have an unforgettable spring break trip during their time at college,” said Avery Morgan, Senior Editor and Director of Communications at EduBirdie. “Gen Z is notorious for relying on social media, so we were not surprised to find that spring break is a priority for them, and that partying in a beautiful and photogenic location was important.”

EduBirdie’s study found that 49% of respondents prefer beach destinations over a colder, ski vacation. The study also revealed that the top five most popular destinations for 2020 spring break are Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, Cancun, Key West, and Nassau, further proving that people want to drink and celebrate on their breaks, even if they are under 21.

When planning a spring break, 81% of user’s surveys said that being of drinking age is of the highest priority. Drinking culture is prominent among young Americans. Students want to be able to kick back and enjoy their breaks, and many of the most popular destinations this year have a drinking age that is under 21, so students will not have to worry about legal issues.

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Vacation packages or hotels and destinations that provide all-inclusive deals often attract the most spring breakers, allowing those 18-22 year olds to have as much freedom under a limited budget. Over 40% of survey takers reported picking up side jobs to help expense their trips.

EduBirdie’s survey had 1,205 participants from Generation Z. The content creation platform primarily serves a Generation Z audience and conducts regular studies to gain insights into the thoughts and behaviors of this population. For more information, visit

Source: PRNewswire