Medellín vs Mazatlán Mexico: Which is the Better Place to Live?


By Jeff Paschke, About Medellin Guru

Medellín vs Mazatlán, Mexico, which is really the better place to live? In our Medellín vs Mazatlán comparison, we comprehensively compare the two cities in 20 categories to see which is the better place to live in for expats.

The Live and Invest Overseas retirement publication chose Mazatlán, Mexico as the second-best place in the world to retire in 2020 and ranked Medellín as #9 in 2020. However, the retirement publications are biased and frequently get Medellín and Colombia wrong.

We found that Medellín easily beats Mazatlán in our comparison of 20 categories by winning 16 categories including important categories like cost of living, climate, healthcare, and safety.

Several Medellin Guru readers asked for a comparison of Medellín with Mazatlán, as they wondered about Live and Invest Overseas’ ranking of Mazatlán higher than Medellín in 2020.

Mazatlán is a Mexican seaport located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. And it has a metro population of about 500,000. Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia with a metro population of about 4 million located in a valley in the Colombian Andes Mountains in Colombia. And mountains surround Medellín with a river running through the city.

Many expats I have met living in Medellín prefer Medellín. And expats living in the Mazatlán tend to prefer Mazatlán. However, many of these expats living in one of these two places have never traveled to the other. It’s not really fair to compare two places if you have not been to both of them.

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Whats does Mazatlan have that Medellin does NOT

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