The industrial issue of marijuana in Mexico is being set aside says, Senator


The senator said that thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court, they are legislating in the legalization of marijuana but only for recreational purposes

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After the ruling of the Supreme Court that obliges to legislate the issue of marijuana before the end of the period, the Senate is working on it, however, they have only focused on the recreational use of this plant, leaving aside more important issues like the one that has to do with the industry, said Mario Zamora Gastélum.

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The Sinaloa senator said that the issue is falling short and those who are interested in promoting other uses for marijuana and specifically the industrialization of it, is affecting them not having a majority in the Senate.

“… We need to have had more majority, because unfortunately there are some colleagues who do not get into the issues, do not start studying or are waiting to receive line,” he said.

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The PRI legislator insisted that the marijuana industry would be multibillions, where in addition to the generation of foreign exchange there could even be importation of its derivatives and therefore the creation of jobs around this plant would arise, so they will continue to push the issue.

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