Citizens take toll booths in Limón de los Ramos Sinaloa to protest high fees


The protesters said they did not belong to any group or movement, they just wanted not to be charged

Sinaloa .- A group of people from different colonies of this capital city took and lifted the feathers of the booth of El Limón de los Ramos as an act of protest for the fee charges on the roads. With shouts of “he is free, he is free, pass him”, while waving a Mexican flag the Protestants let all the units pass. 

The dissatisfied justified their movement by pointing out that they should not be charged for traveling the roads, because the free transit of the territory in which they live, for which they work, is not being respected. 

“ It’s too much, everything they do is unfair, because everything is beneficial to them and one what, this should not be and that’s why we come here so that people can pass free, they can’t be charging us every step we take on our land ”, Said Briceida Armenta, one of the protesters.

Excessive charges

They mentioned that the authorities should eliminate this charge that they consider is excessive and without support and that it affects the citizens who have to go through the booth every day when moving to their jobs, to the communities or municipalities that remain towards the course, In addition to the road is in very bad condition. 

They stressed that they do not belong to any group, they are only a movement that was born from the fatigue generated by these charges. From about 7:00 on Sunday, these people took the roads of the booth so that motorists could pass without making the payment.

They said they will be there until the body endures them, that they will come on the days that are necessary because they are fighting against something that seems unfair. Some of the motorists who passed applauded them for allowing them to pass without paying, others frightened asked them what was happening, but mostly motorists said goodbye and whistled to celebrate this movement. 

On the other hand, one of the motorists demanded that he be charged, since he argued that if he did not pay he would not be offered the help service in case of having an accident, since when paying he becomes an insurance creditor.


On several occasions, agricultural groups have taken the collection booths as a protest to pressure the Government to pay them, but on this occasion, they were citizens with the simple purpose of making traffic on the roads free of charge. 

Source: el debate