US Congress exhibits former governors of Mexico linked to organized crime


This list “reflects the extent of corruption in the layers of the government and in the parties of Mexico,” said the agency.

Names of former Mexican governors such as Roberto BorgeTomás Yarrington, Javier and César Duarte were displayed in a United States report showing their relationship with organized crime.

Based on information from El Financiero, the document disseminated by the US Congress ” Mexico: Organized Crime and drug trafficking organizations ” also mentions panista Guillermo Padres, former governor of Sonora; Fausto Vallejo, from Michoacán; from Tabasco, Andrés Granier and Rodrigo Medina, from Nuevo León.

Due to the above, the publication expresses that the participation of state governors with criminals of criminal groups only “reflects the extent of corruption in the layers of government and in all parties in Mexico .”

Resultado de imagen de Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG

It is worth mentioning that the document also includes Nayarit’s ex-president, Roberto Sandoval, for allegedly receiving payments from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG). In addition, they also link the former Nayarit prosecutor, Edgar Veytia, apprehended in March 2017.

Source: el financiero

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