El Rosario Sinaloa, Luis, and Dora create a microenterprise in their home


With the knowledge she acquired from the age of 14 in her town, Dora prepares empanadas

El Rosario.- Luis Quintero and Dora Campos form a young couple living in the city of El Rosario. They have little more than three years of marriage and in this time they have had very nice moments, but they have also seen that life is increasingly difficult economically speaking, and more now that they have a child.

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An idea is born

Dora Campos says that since she was 14 she learned to make empanadas in the mountain community of El Pino, in San Ignacio, and later in Aguaverde where they went to live. “I learned from my mom. We (she and her sisters) helped her make them and my dad cooked them and sold them. ” 

This is how once they settled in El Rosario, in January 2019 they decided to sell this bread on their own. Luis began making the kiln based on bricks and mud , based on designs he observed on the internet. This oven has the capacity to cook up to 30 pieces at a time.


Although it seems simple, preparing these delicious empanadas is very laborious. The young man has to cut firewood and transport it on his bicycle from the outskirts of the city. 

In his spare time, he goes out on his bicycle, carries an ax with him, looks for the thickest dry trees, which can form good coals to heat his oven. For this, huinol firewood is used. 

A day before you have to prepare the pumpkin, split it, put it to cook and sweeten it. The preparation of the dough is in charge of Dora, who already knows the amount of ingredients to use, to later form the balls, which flattens with a roller so that they take the form of an omelet, add the pumpkin, close them with your hands.

This gives the traditional form of the pie and they are ready to cook.

Luis puts them in the oven to cook them.

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Initially, they only prepared pumpkin but now they have also been asked for pineapple, cajeta, and cooked milk.

Although he has little time in the business, the quality, flavor, and price has made the people of Rosario look for their delicious empanadas, which sell the piece for 10 pesos on Mondays and Saturdays, since Luis has to go to work the other days. 

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In these two days, they employ a young woman who sells on the street and another person who takes home orders, who also benefit from the business.

Marriage is happy to move forward honestly and apply the teachings of their family. Likewise, they give thanks to the people who support them by shopping on the street or making home orders, as this allows them to obtain extra income.

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