Should we legalize or not marijuana? They will discuss in Sinaloa about the use of cannabis


The deputy of Morena Yeraldine Bonilla, announced that they will address the issue in a forum without taboos of any kind

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- From their parliamentary group they will promote the discussion on the legalization of marijuana, freeing themselves of damages and without taboos of any kind, said the deputy for Morena Yeraldine Bonilla Valverde.

He mentioned that soon in Sinaloa they will develop a forum for citizens to participate with their positions of what is coming in this 2020 in which they intend to legalize the use of cannabis.

He considered that this is not the magic formula to end violence and insecurity, but it is one of many alternatives that can prevent bloodshed and can cut a significant flow of money for organized crime.

“The interest in legalizing cannabis comes from various concerns. Some on security for what the wrong strategy of confrontation of past administrations implied, this generated that many security elements died in combat, that new narcotics transit routes were opened and that the authorities occupied most of their time in the persecution of this, ”he said.

He recalled that last year in the Senate of the Republic began the discussion to reform the Federal Criminal Code and the General Health Law, as well as to create a law for the regulation of cannabis where they are contemplated respectively, their decriminalization, their use medicinal, recreational, commercial and industrial in our country.

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