Campechana: hot in Mazatlán, cold in Culiacán. Why?


Believe it or not, this is one of the questions that many Mazatlecos and Culichis ask themselves, but is the Campechana hot or cold?

Here is the answer to that question in which we have consulted Mazatlan chefs.


There is a legend among some shellfish dealers in Mazatlan who claim that the warm campechanas began to be served as a result of a client arriving at a raw seafood restaurant after having drinking for two days in a row, and asked if his Campechana could be served warm, to lessen the effects of the hangover, and from that day on, many restaurants started to sell hot Campechanas.

Actually the Campechana or Chabela in Mazatlan is served in a Cocktelero glass container, and warm as if it was seafood soup. Only in Mazatlan you can find it hot, as it is always served ice cold in Culiacán and other towns.

It is worth mentioning that here in Mazatlan it is called Campechana, not because the dish comes from the state of Campeche, but because it is a mixture of different types of seafood, including cooked shrimp, octopus, snail, clam callus, etc.


Served hot or cold, Campechanas are a delight, remember, only here in Mazatlan you can find it hot. But if you prefer it cold, there are lots of seafood restaurants that prepare it ice cold, just ask for it.


The Mazatlan Post