In Baja California Sur, about 20,000 foreigners live, mainly in Los Cabos


In the municipality of Los Cabos alone, about 11,000 foreigners live permanently or for seasons

According to data from the National Migration Institute (INM) there are currently about 20,000 people of foreign origin with temporary or permanent residence in Baja California Sur; most are located in the tourist destination of Los Cabos

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There are 11,000 foreigners who live in the southern municipality; 7,000 more are in La Paz; 1,800 live in Loreto; another 65 in Puerto San Carlos and 80 in Guerrero Negro, the rest are distributed in the North Pacific zone, detailed El Sudcaliforniano.

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In that sense, it is estimated that of the total of international tourists entering Baja California Sur, 55% come from the United States, 17% from Canada, 3% from Venezuela and other countries such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, and El Salvador.

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At the national level, the South-California territory owns 0.4% of the international immigrant population, while states like Guanajuato concentrate 11.6%, Michoacán has 9% and Jalisco 7.1%.

It should be noted that, for the most part, the population that decides to become a resident in the entity, are regularly retired people, so it is a sector with ages over 30 years. 

Between January and October 2019, 3.1 million passengers of foreign origin were arrived at the San José del Cabo International Airport, according to data from the Pacific Airport Group (GAP).

Source: bcsnoticias, El Sudcaliforniano

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