The 12 best dishes of Baja California, according to A Gringo In Mexico


Here the list of the best places in the state that you should not miss this 2020.

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As part of the Top 12 Baja Bites 2019, the famous taster of all kinds of food, A Gringo in Mexico, recognized some dishes that stand out in Baja California. The dishes ranging from the most gourmet pizza to tacos and for ensuring that these 10 references should be considered when you have this appetite 2020. Make these dishes stay at your table:

10. Roll Sushi Chef in Seki (Ensenada):

Chef Oliver Seki builds the roll with marlin pate, crab salad, avocado tempura and shrimp inside, plus a spicy morita with shrimp avocado, roasted pineapple, cucumber and red onion on the outside.

Facebook A Gringo in Mexico
Facebook A Gringo in Mexico

9. Tie between Grilled Octopus with Black Risotto and Bone Marrow with Grilled Shrimp:

Grilled Octopus with Black Risotto in Roots (Rosarito Beach)

Roots is located near the entrance of Puerto Nuevo, this dish is simmered and bathed in parsley sauce, then grilled and served on a bed al dente, it also has salted risotto blackened with squid ink and it is accompanied by local vegetables.

Mongolian marrow in Lorenza (Tijuana):

His Mongolian marrow (bone marrow) is covered with Mongolian octopus, radish, and spoonfuls of avocado and jocoque, a type of thick and creamy whey with its origins curdled in the kitchens of Sinaloa and Jalisco.

8. Soft shell crab taco in Lunario (Guadalupe Valley):

Its taco is a soft-shell crab on a red and pipian corn tortilla (pumpkin seed), all with a sweet and mild flavor of Veracruz, accompanied by a spicy and habanero sauce, as well as tomatillo to sprinkle.

Facebook Lunario Restaurant
Facebook Lunario Restaurant

7. El Romano Panini at the Central Station (Tijuana):

This panini known as El Romano de porchetta, is made at home, covered with broccolini and melty mozzarella.

Facebook Central-Tijuana Station
Facebook Central-Tijuana Station

6. Tacos de Suadero in Tacos El Gallito (Tijuana):

This smoothie is a thin cut of meat breast that is cooked slowly and finely chopped, it is famous for its soft texture and distinctive flavor. What puts El Gallito above is his “secret marinade” of lemon and herbaceous.

Facebook Tacos El Gallito
Facebook Tacos El Gallito

5. Pai-pai oysters at Deckman’s in El Mogor (Guadalupe Valley):

This bioengineering with a deep cup, contains a velvety and meaty bite with a smooth and satisfying brine reminiscent of the sea. It is the most succulent seafood.

4. Pizza Rossa with Sausage and Mozarella in Bocca Lupo (Ensenada):

The dough from Mexicali is baked until it is crispy with a perfectly charred and airy crust. The favorite is the rosso cake (tomato sauce) that is covered with homemade sweet and savory Italian sausages and fresh mozzarella.

Facebook Bocca Lupo Pizzeria Ens
Facebook Bocca Lupo Pizzeria Ens

3. Draw between Aguachile Steak in LaX Alximia and Mixed Grill Tlayuda in La Central

Aguachile Steak in LaX Alximia (Guadalupe Valley):

The tender veal is seared with a crust of salt, pepper and ground coffee bathed, in rich and spicy aguachile of habanero tatemado (onion), garlic, soybeans and black miso. Orange and lemon are added to help macerate the meat.

Mixed Grill Tlayuda in La Central (Guadalupe Valley):

The traditional Tlayuda is bent with a seat, refried beans and quesillo, accompanied by meat imported from Oaxaca. They contain a subtle touch of smoke from the open wood grill.

2. Puerto Nuevo Tostada in Tatanka Baja Fish & Steakhouse (Ensenada):

This is a flour toast full of snacks stuffed with lobster and sweet crab, mixed with “sides” of rice croquettes, beans, radishes, carrots, and red cabbage, finally a touch of melted butter.

Facebook Tatanka Baja Fish and Steakhouse
Facebook Tatanka Baja Fish and Steakhouse

1. Roasted Snapper with Blue Corn Pulcan in Amores Restaurant (Tecate):

The dish is grilled red snapper crusted with wild mushrooms and beans ayocote in an emulsion of seaweed and shellfish. This delicious fish is served together with a dense pulcan: fried blue corn dough with beans and chives. In addition to being sauteed with a rich mole of sweet crab and dried salted shrimp, spices and peanuts.

If you want to learn more about these and other dishes, go to A Gringo in Mexico

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Resultado de imagen para Los 12 mejores platillos de Baja California, según A Gringo In Mexico

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