Case of racial discrimination in Acapulco is exposed on social networks


A Facebook user sent this message to the Mexico Daily Post social networks to expose a case of racial discrimination that took place inside a fast food restaurant in Mexico.

“I just went to Carl’s Junior with my son for a milkshake and an indigenous lady came in with her son of about 2 years old. She approached the cashier to ask for something to eat and drink and left her son on the floor.

The cashier, an employee of the place, answered her very badly and rudely. ❤️👏🏻

The boy approached the ” young lady” in black, of Argentine or Uruguayan nationality, who felt like a great model showing a NEFARIOUS attitude and pushed the little boy away with her foot when the child did nothing to her, nor did he touch her at any time.

I was going to get up at that moment, but there was no need since the man in the light green shirt DEMANDED that they treat the lady and her son with respect and dignity, turned around, and told the woman that he was not going to allow a foreigner to humiliate and treat our people badly and demanded that she apologize, which cost him a lot of work, but in the end the woman did apologize.

The cool thing was that the man bought the lady and her son a combo for each one and shared his table with them.
We need more people like this hero without a cape! Please! ❤”

The Guerrero Post