“El Rodo” brother of drug lord “El Mencho” was arrested and released four days later


Brother of “Mencho” leaves prison, FGR assures that he will appeal

Early morning Tuesday, April 30, Abraham Oseguera aka “Don Rodo”, brother of “El Mencho”, was released from prison after a judge’s decision not to link him to the trial, alleging irregularities in his capture.

Consequently, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic reported that he will appeal the release against the people who, he accuses, helped “Don Rodo” to be free.

They mainly accuse Judge Rogelio Díaz, who decreed Oseguera’s freedom, of not fully considering the investigation file delivered by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Abraham Oseguera is accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of money laundering, trafficking and sale of drugs, due to his alleged participation in command of the CJNG.

Furthermore, at the time of his arrest, he was charged with the crimes of illegal possession of firearms and crimes against health because he had been captured flagrante delicto.

Source: OEM

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