In Morelos, the candidate for mayor of Xochitepec was attacked, he is unharmed


The attack in Morelos took place on Wednesday, April 10th, around ten at night.

Rodolfo Tapia, candidate for mayor of Xochitepec, Morelos, for the Labor Party (PT), was attacked by gunfire on Wednesday night.

According to police reports, Tapia and his assistant were traveling aboard their vehicle near the Santa Fe Subdivision, in that municipality, when another car with armed individuals blocked their path.

At that moment, one of the attackers got out of the vehicle to activate his gun shoot Tapia, and then flee the scene.

The candidate and his assistant were unharmed, so they immediately reported to the authorities, who implemented a search operation in the area, without positive results.

Rodolfo Tapia’s car had five bullet holes in the driver’s side windshield and was towed to a corralón to begin the corresponding investigations.

So far, neither the candidate nor the leadership of the Labor Party have issued a position on the matter.

Source: Periodico Correo

Morelos Daily Post