Coahuila is the first producer of automotive parts in Mexico: CBG


“On Monday, April 8, it was announced that Coahuila is the first place in the manufacturing of automotive parts in the entire Mexican Republic,” said Claudio Mario Bres Garza, head of the Ministry of Economy of the state of Coahuila.

The state official announced the above, after detailing that the new private investment by the Eagle Rice company in Ramos Arizpe consists of four stages.

The first two are two warehouses with a combined roof area of more than 31 thousand square meters.

Leaving for the growth of the company an additional medium-term project from the investment of Net Electric-Eagle Rice, dedicated to the manufacture of new electrical technologies.

It is the first plant with capital from China and the United States to be installed in Mexico, particularly in Coahuila.

The official specified that the growth of the electric automotive industry has to do with this plant and investment; establishing that this is a large sector worldwide.

Bres Garza pointed out that in addition to the announcement of the investment in Ramos Arizpe, two more plants will also be installed in the neighboring state of Texas, in the United States.

Source: OEM

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