Quintana Roo is experiencing the biggest real estate boom


Tulum stands out in housing placement, as well as in the highest prices.

The Cancun-Riviera Maya corridor stands out with the largest real estate boom, having 44 thousand units for sale, in 559 projects, highlighting Tulum, which brings the largest housing placement, as well as the highest prices, mainly for investment.

Gabriela Cano, commercial director of the Softec company, a real estate consultancy, mentioned that the area known as the Mexican Caribbean corridor is reporting more than a thousand homes placed per month, in ranges that reach up to eight million in Residential Plus type.

Tulum, considered the “fashion” destination, is the one with the highest sales with more than 300 units per month, while Cancun or Playa del Carmen report close to 130 each.

For the interviewee, it is also necessary to consider housing to serve workers and inhabitants, since the majority that is being marketed is for investment, especially for the so-called vacation platforms.

According to Softec data, in the Tulum corridor a project of 96 square meters is at six million pesos, compared to the Cancun hotel zone that has 72 square meters and is at 4.8 million pesos.

The project with the greatest participation is the apartments that correspond to 81% of the total projects in the plaza, that is, 451 projects with 33 thousand units.

“We see that sales are marked in three markets such as the national, American as well as European, who are interested in the Mexican Caribbean, driven above all by the changes that occurred after the pandemic, in which the home office is increasing and this leads to more people deciding to migrate to live in the destination,” he explained.

Compared to other places, Quintana Roo still has competitive prices in the market nationwide, even in points like Querétaro, Puebla, Mexico City and even Vallarta.

“The Cancun-Riviera Maya corridor is the one that is in first place as a tourist center with the greatest development, followed by Vallarta and in third place Rosarito,” she commented.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo