We will do whatever it takes to show Durango to the world”; Esteban announces results of tour to Miami


“Durango has many things that are worthwhile and whatever has to be done for the state to take advantage of the spaces and show the world who we are and our strengths,” said Governor Esteban Villegas Villarreal, in a press conference “Tuesday at 10”, where he announced the results of his recent tour to Miami, with the invitation for the following year to participate in gastronomic fairs, in addition to alliances with industrial companies and tourism projects.

The State Executive shared with the journalistic union, great projects that have already been completed as a result of the promotional tours, such as the various plans that are contemplated for the following year on the occasion of its most recent tour; In terms of attracting investments, specialists will come to carry out a project to further detonate tourism and cinema.

He had the opportunity to visit the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami and meet with businessmen, where the director of the Florida World Trade Center was also present, who invited the entity to participate in a Gastronomic Fair in Miami in September of next year.

On the topic of projects, they spoke with the representative in North America of Ferromex, with a businesswoman from Durango who is dedicated to banquets, as well as with another technology and innovation company that is looking for other consortiums to do co-production within their companies, where The state will be able to link local businesses so that they can make alliances and enter the Florida market, he noted.

In another meeting with Latin and American businessmen, he reported that he discussed the commercialization of avocado and others related to art; in an audience focused on the entertainment industry and the world of technology, he had an invitation from Carlos Díaz Rosillo to the 12th World Strategic Forum, where Emilio Estefan, giant of the Entertainment Industry, the Lieutenant Governor of Florida, Janet Núñez and Javier Cárdenas, owner of Maquinaria Pesada “Rhino”, who seeks to expand his operations in Mexico.

Among other personalities, he had the opportunity to speak with Gerardo Prado, representative of several global companies, including Linamar, which seek to expand to other countries, also with personalities in the political field such as the former interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, with Iván Duque from Colombia and Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize winner in Literature, and where he referred to having been the first Durango native to participate in said forum.

Esteban was emphatic when commenting that he will do everything he has to do to show Durango to the world, and that this will generate alliances in economic, film and entertainment issues, both with the United States and with other nations.

Source: Contacto Hoy