Tourists are arrested for swimming on the beaches of Mazatlán with high waves and putting their lives at risk


The Aquatic Police have issued various warnings to national and foreign visitors who refused to comply.

On the beaches of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, national and foreign tourists who put their lives at risk by entering the sea, in prohibited areas, are detained by the Aquatic Police, as was the most recent case of the Canadian visitor, named Joel Johnson, 42 year old.

According to the report, the foreign tourist, despite being told not to bathe in the Brujas beach area, went into the area up to three hundred meters away from the sand and disregarded the agents’ calls to get out.

The Mazatlán Aquatic Police recorded that this Canadian citizen was ordered to get out of the sea on three occasions due to the strong waves that occurred, so an element in a Jet Sky had to remove him and send him to the jail.

In the Sábalos Dos beach area, 2 teenagers who entered the sea, without any supervision and were dragged by the strong currents, managed to be rescued by elements of the same corporation.

The minors named Alexis “N”, 12 years old, and Brayan “N”, 14 years old, originally from the state of Durango, who were out for a walk in Mazatlán, only showed signs of fatigue.

A day before, three visitors from the state of Jalisco were warned not to enter the sea, in the area of ​​Avenida del Mar, considered dangerous due to the waves, one of them disregarded the recommendation and went more than one hundred meters away, the Aquatic Police detained him and transferred him to the jail.

According to a report from the Aquatic Rescue, during the first effects of Hurricane “Norma”, six national tourists were warned not to stay on the beach due to strong winds and waves, none of them listened to the recommendations.

Source: El Universal