​ Playa del Carmen: Intense waves leave several beaches without sand


The strong swells yesterday left several Solidarense beaches without sand, including Shangri-La, which causes the waves to hit the nearby hotels, which economically affects businessmen.

Otoniel, a lifeguard, reported that Shangri-La Beach lost its sandy area due to the strong tides that occurred yesterday. The sea “took” the sandy beaches from this area to the popular Mamita’s spa, he said.

On the coast of Shangri-La, tourists had to remain at the entrance, because the tide rose and covered the entire sandy area, even hitting the first rooms of a hotel that covers a large part of that coastline.

As the sea had “swallowed” the beach, some bathers moved towards Punta Esmeralda.

Surveillance of the beach area becomes more complicated with the growth of the waves, since not even the lifeguards can carry out surveillance tours on the ATVs, since the waves impede their passage.

At Shangri-La there is no longer even a watchtower, although there have been no problems with bathers nor have any rescues been required, Otoniel commented.

In addition to this, yesterday Monday, the Secretariat of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Firefighters reported that Cold Front Number 9 remains stationary and that the National Hurricane Center observed, since last Sunday afternoon, a large area of clouds that will cause intense rains and showers, accompanied by electrical activity, over the Gulf of Honduras and the mid-southern coast of Quintana Roo, which increases the risk of severe flooding or flooding in low areas.

Source: Por Esto