National schools are interested in the mathematical genius child of Veracruz


After the case of Axel Tadeo, the Mathematics Genius child of Veracruz became known, the mayor Patricia Lobeira Rodríguez commented that there are schools interested in training the little boy to give him international projection.

“He is still young, he still does not have that idea of projection, we told him that in addition to the scholarship, we could support him to have more projection and that it could be through an international school that captures these talents.”

Although she did not name the institutions, the mayor indicated that there are national-level schools that have shown interest in Axel Tadeo.

“We have already seen it at the national level and the truth is that they are very enthusiastic, Áxel is still not very sure, we have to talk to him, and it depends on what he wants.”

However, not only national-level schools have expressed their desire to support the Math Genius, but also local state-level schools have raised their hands for Axel.

Axel is nine years old; he is in the fourth year of primary school and he has already mastered physics operations, trigonometry and other procedures.

Source: XEU Noticias