Dodge Charger carrying 105 pounds of meth busted at Gateway International Bridge


MATAMOROS, TAMAULIPAS.- Border patrol officers seized a 2019 Dodge Charger after finding 105 lbs. of crystal meth hidden inside it at the Mexican border in Texas. The bust came after a Customs and Border Patrol officer noticed a small detail was off on the Mopar muscle car.

Drug smugglers, just like human smugglers, employ all kinds of clever tactics to outsmart law enforcement. In this case, they stashed bags of a substance that tested positive for crystal meth stashed in the door panels, dash, rear shelf, and quarter panels of the Dodge sedan.

What initially tipped off the CBP officer was something about how the door panel met the window in the Charger. Supposedly, the driver had just picked it up from a body shop in Mexico and was going to deliver it to his cousin in Texas when the officer at the Gateway International Bridge noticed something wasn’t right, says KHON2.

Another factor that might have caused CBP to look more closely at the Dodge Charger was the fact the driver, Luis Galindo Jr., had been caught trying to transport unauthorized migrants into the country as well as illegally export vehicles to Mexico. That alone would cast doubt on his story of picking up a vehicle that had work done across the border to drop off in the US for his cousin.

Also, Dodge Chargers often just raise suspicion among law enforcement. That’s a sad fact for any legitimate person who owns one, but sadly they’re heavily favored by quite a few criminals. The upper trims are powerful and fast, making for excellent getaway vehicles, although amateur drivers struggle to keep them under control, especially at WOT.

Sadly, this case of a Charger used as a drug mule isn’t going to help with that image.

Source: TAW

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