Nogales official asks for leave after being linked to the Sinaloa Cartel for fentanyl trafficking


Miguel Ángel Morgan Huerta, director of Urban Image of the City Council, was located within the organization in the use of his connections to bribe the authorities

Nogales.- After the United States Department of the Treasury involved Miguel Ángel Morgan Huerta, director of Urban Image of the Nogales City Council, in the sanction of 13 members of the Sinaloa Cartel and 4 companies that operate in Sonora for fentanyl trafficking and other deadly drugs, the official requested leave at his expense.

From Washington it was reported that among those sanctioned by the Treasury Department is the “plaza boss” of the Cartel in Nogales (Sonora), Juan Carlos Morgan Huerta, alias “Cacayo”, who supervises the trafficking of several tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl from Mexico to the United States.

Several members of Morgan Huerta’s family were also sanctioned, including four brothers and an uncle: José Arnoldo Morgan Huerta (alias “Chachio”), José Luis Morgan Huerta (alias “Gordo”), Miguel Ángel Morgan Huerta and Martín Morgan Huerta , as well as his uncle, Óscar Murillo Morgan (alias “Chino”), who play “a fundamental role in the organization.”

Miguel Ángel was found within the organization to have used his connections to bribe the authorities.

In this context, the Nogales City Council reported that “it informs the community and the media that Miguel Ángel Morgan Huerta, who until today, November 8, 2023, served as Director of Urban Image of the City Council, has requested leave without pay.”

This, “with the purpose of clarifying the accusations that he has been subjected to in various spaces, always respecting the presumption of his innocence.”

“Likewise, we inform you that, to date, no official notification has been received from any authority against Morgan Huerta.”

“This H. City Council has the responsibility and commitment to respect the human rights of citizens and public servants who make up this administration.”

“That is why we are taking the necessary steps to corroborate that the allegations circulating through the various media and social networks are true, to act in accordance with the law,” it said.

However, those referring to the official and the other people involved do not come from the media and social networks, but from the United States Department of the Treasury itself.

The city council chaired by Morenista mayor Juan Francisco Gim Nogales, through its statement, assured that “this administration will not allow or accept actions that violate and threaten social peace, public order and the good image of Nogales.”

“The social commitment to citizens to work in an honest, committed manner and with an open-door policy was reaffirmed, to comply with citizens and make them feel proud of the great

Source: El Universal