Denouncing Police brutality in Merida, again!


The Municipal Police of Mérida is once again involved in the scandal, after an alleged case of police abuse against a young man was revealed, who he said was attacked by several uniformed officers, whom accused him of stealing two phones and money.

According to the young Randy Molina Villanueva through a video broadcast on social networks, the event occurred at 3 in the morning, Tuesday the 7th, when he, his partner and his mother-in-law, Linha Violeta Noh Guerra, were leaving the auction “El art for education” by Impulso Universitario.

He indicated that two subjects began to attack him, his partner and his mother-in-law came out to defend him and the attackers attacked him with blows.

After this, Molina Villanueva notified the authorities and several municipal agents arrived at the site.

Randy Molina pointed out that, although he explained to them what had happened, the police officers did not want to do his job and so he began to record them. It was then that the uniformed men, “who were about 6 or 7,” attacked him.

His mother-in-law, Linha Violeta Noh Guerra, reported in an interview that the incident occurred near the Los Aluxes hotel, when they were walking back from the event and were looking for a taxi and the two subjects began to yell and insult his wife and her mother-in-law After hitting Molina Villanueva, the attackers fled.

Although he asked for help from the police, they did not stop the attackers. Seeing the lack of response from the uniformed officers, Randy Molina began to record the incident and that would have been enough for him to suffer the attack at the hands of the municipal agents.

It was at that moment that the agents, Mrs. Linah says, took away his cell phone and detained him “with the use of violence.”

However, an agent from the same corporation approached her and her daughter, whom she was taking care of, and told them that the three were going to be detained unless she and her daughter left in a taxi.

Given this, mother and daughter left the place in a rental vehicle, hoping to resolve this matter the next day.

Accuses Mérida police officers of torture and abuse

It was Randy’s mother who came to rescue him, says Mrs. Noh Guerra, and recorded the video in which the attacked young man indicated that he suffered serious injuries to his shoulder and arm, which apparently was fractured, in addition to a serious injury in the nasal septum.

“They broke my nose, it’s all bloody. They probably broke his arm, because I can’t move it nor do I feel it; “The shoulder is completely immovable… they stole my phone,” said Randy Molina in the video circulating on the networks, who was detained for more than 9 hours and accused torture and abuse of authority.

According to Mrs. Linah Noh Guerra, the Mérida Municipal Police indicated that apparently there was no record of Randy Molina’s arrest and that they did not understand why they had left him locked up for so long.

Randy Molina assured that “it cannot be possible for a Yucatecan to ask the police for help and for the same police officers to disgrace and hurt me, just for taking out and exercising my right to film as evidence of what is happening.”

The young man went on Monday to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office for the assault that he allegedly suffered at the hands of the municipal uniformed officers.

Position of the Municipal Police of Mérida on the alleged abuse

On the issue of alleged police abuse, the Mérida Municipal Police sent a statement that states the following:

In relation to a video circulating on social networks where a person is observed who claims to have been physically attacked by agents of this corporation, the Municipal Police of Mérida rules out any type of abuse of authority towards this person and, on the contrary, He was given immediate attention by the paramedic corps.

The police corporation emphasizes that said video does not reflect the reality of the events since at no time was there any abuse of authority towards this person.

In this regard, it is reported that on November 7 at 01:19 a.m. the corporation’s Command Monitoring and Control Center, through C-5, received a report of a disturbance on 60th Street between 49 and 51 .

Police officers went to the scene, who upon arriving at the scene realized that a male person, R.M.V, was intoxicated and had blood on his face, the result of a wound on his nasal septum.

The subject indicated that moments before he was attacked by two people, providing their characteristics, a security device was implemented at that time to locate the alleged aggressors.

The police officers requested the presence of paramedics from the corporation to provide care to the injured person, who was accompanied by two female people, L. A. N. and L. N. G.

When the paramedic arrives to provide care to the injured person, he assumes an aggressive attitude, insulting the police officers and refusing to receive medical support.

Although he was repeatedly told to remain calm, this person ignored him, so the police officers proceeded to arrest him and transfer him to the municipal jail, where he was placed at the disposal of the qualifying judge and evaluated by the doctor on duty.

It should be noted that the corporation followed the corresponding protocols and the municipal agents acted in accordance with the law, and that there is photographic and videographic material from the moment the events occurred.

Source: Diario de Yucatan