AMLO rules out breaking ties with Israel over Gaza conflict


On Tuesday, November 7th, Mexico’s leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ruled out breaking diplomatic relations with Israel over the conflict in Gaza, urging political leaders to work for a peaceful solution to the dispute.

Lopez Obrador has staked out a more moderate position than some other Latin American leftists, with Colombia, Chile, and Honduras recalling their ambassadors to Israel over its strikes on Gaza. Bolivia broke off diplomatic ties altogether.

Asked for his view on the latest developments in Gaza at a regular press conference, Lopez Obrador reiterated that Mexico wanted to remain neutral, and called for more international efforts to put an end to the violence in the region.

“We – and I want to be very clear when I say this – are not going to break relations with Israel or take a position beyond calling for peace,” Lopez Obrador said.

“Everything that is happening is very sad, very painful, very inhumane,” he added. “Irrationality is what is predominating. Of course, I am for peace and for a ceasefire.”

Mexico’s government condemned the attacks by Hamas against Israel on Oct. 7 but has also urged Israel to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza and is pressing for a two-state solution.

Mexican diplomat Alicia Buenrostro, speaking last week at a U.N. emergency special session on Gaza, called for Israel to end the occupation of Palestinian territories.


The Mexico City Post