FOR EXCESSIVE CHARGES: They demonstrate against Aguakán in Playa del Carmen


PLAYA DEL CARMEN.- A group of people demonstrated today against the Aguakan company, whom they accuse of excessive charges and generating pollution in the subsoil due to lack of infrastructure; They demand the intervention of Congressional deputies.

The protesters gathered in the Plaza Las Américas parking lot and walked to the company’s offices, located on 115th Avenue, where they showed banners that read “Aguakan, damned thief and ecocidal company” and “Municipality and deputies accomplices of Aguakan.”

Interviewed at the scene, Councilor Marciano “Chano” Toledo Sánchez, expressed that the deputies must “take the bull by the horns” and remove once and for all this company that has only contaminated the subsoil and warned that if necessary will begin a hunger strike to demand a solution.

He urged the residents of Solidaridad, Cancún, Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos to join the fight to remove this company, which is only filling its pockets with people’s money by charging excessive rates and selling them “air instead of water.”

“The most serious thing is that with the deputies regularizing this issue, within the concession, they do nothing, we want them to fight, it is not a political role,” he expressed.

He asked environmentalists to also raise their voices about the ecocide carried out by the concessionaire company and not only when they have a political pact or there is money involved.

He also pointed out that the people of playa, in addition to having to face Aguakan’s excessive rates, have to deal with the rates of the Federal Electricity Commission, which is why he asked the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to intervene.

“We cannot live with the anxiety that an electricity bill is reaching us for 20 thousand pesos,” he said.

Source: Noticaribe