They shine monuments and beautify tourist sites in Mazatlán


Municipal Public Works maintains and carries out improvement actions in the tourist area of the port, including Malecón, Historic Center and Plazuela Machado

MAZATLAN.- The Municipal Public Works Directorate works on the maintenance of various monuments and tourist sites so that they are in optical condition and thus offer a good image of the destination for the benefit not only of tourists who visit the port but also of locals.

Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez, director of Municipal Public Works, highlighted that the maintenance, conservation and beautification of these emblematic places is a priority for the local government.

Among the sites that have been the subject of comprehensive work are “La Mujer Mazatleca”, “Ferrusquilla”, “Paseo Claussen”, the photographic viewpoint with the letters “MAZATLÁN”, and “Liverpool Alley”.

Particularly in “Liverpool Alley”, careful work is being carried out on the bronze figures of the British group, the vehicle, the telephone booths and the plaque, with the aim of keeping them in optimal condition.

Arámburo Bojórquez reported that cleaning and improvement actions are being carried out in the Machado square that include the rehabilitation of the wooden benches, garrisons and the perimeter part of the kiosk.

In addition, in the rest of the Historic Center, painting work is being applied to all contours, including the famous “Blue Line.”

«We are working at forced marches. The task is considerable at the moment, and we are focused on street, common use spaces, public areas and sidewalks, to guarantee safe transit for pedestrians in the area,” he said.

Next weekend, the cycle path, the velarias, and the Pulmonias monument, a recognized meeting point for visitors on Del Mar Avenue, will be added to these improvement and rehabilitation works.

With these actions, the Government of Mazatlán seeks to maintain its commitment to the preservation and beautification of the tourist sites that make this city an attractive destination for tourists and a place of pride for its inhabitants.

Source: Punto