Fatal accident reported in Mérida-Cancún, near the Mayan Train bridge


A spectacular accident occurred on Saturday night on the Mérida-Cancún highway, where several injuries and one person were reported dead.

The fatal accident occurred near Teya, near the new Mayan Train bridge, where emergency forces were mobilized.

It turned out that a van from Telchaquillo was heading to Teya when a driver coming from Cancun, going down the bridge towards Mérida, crossed into her lane.

After the strong impact, the public transport unit was destroyed from the front and also the car. People who passed by the site, upon seeing the situation, quickly called the emergency number for help.

The movement of five ambulances, fire personnel and police could be seen at the scene. People in the bus were trapped in the accident.

It turned out that one person died in the accident.

The road was closed to vehicular traffic, and both emergency forces and officials began the necessary procedures, since vehicular chaos was also recorded in the area.

Source: Diario de Yucatan