There are 9,500 vacation rental properties in Tulum


Tulum is the next boomtown of the Mexican Caribbean with the debut of a brand new state-of-the-art international airport opening in December.

But recently, two small hotels had to close down due to a lack of tourists.

A popular saying is that numbers can be used to tell whatever story you like.

The fact is the issue that led to the temporary closing of two hotels in Tulum is deeper than just tourist room occupancy numbers.

It is simply hard for non-luxury hotels to compete with other vacation rentals in Tulum.

There are 9,500 vacation rental properties in Tulum charging an average of $1,117 pesos ($61.84 dollars) per night.

Cancun is a much larger area than Tulum and it only has about 11,000 vacation rental units.

Many tourists opt for the lower priced, and some say more convenient, vacation rental properties instead of the hotels in Tulum. Especially the budget-oriented consumers.

In fact, the vacation rental properties enjoy an average occupancy level of 48 percent in Tulum.

Tips For Travelers planning a trip to Tulum

Travelers can typically find better prices during the slow season by opting for vacation rental properties over the local hotels in Tulum.

Those preferring a local hotel property instead in Tulum can actually use the vacation rental pricing to negotiate lower room rates at the local hotels in the area.

This most likely will change in a couple of weeks when the peak fall and winter travel season fills all available rooms and properties in Tulum.

The opening of the airport and the lack of need to travel two hours from Cancun to reach Tulum will also reduce this pricing and demand issue in Tulum.


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