Oaxaca celebrates the Second Magna Comparsa to the fullest on the Day of the Dead


For the second time, catrinas, catrines, skulls, witches, devils, fighters, charros walked the main streets of Verde Antequera

The Most Alive Comparsa of All concluded with a magnificent display of fireworks in the Alameda de León, framed in the Day of the Dead activities.

For this activity called by the Government of Oaxaca, hundreds of Oaxacan families as well as national and foreign visitors crowded the main streets of the Historic Center of Oaxaca to witness the passage of the contingents, the government reported in a statement.

This event led by Governor Salomón Jara Cruz and the Honorary President of the DIF Oaxaca System, Irma Bolaños Quijano, began at 6:00 p.m. from the Fountain of the Eight Regions, where the more than 40 troupes accompanied by their music bands invited the public to join in this celebration.

To the beat of the music, catrinas, catrines, skulls, witches, devils, wrestlers, charros and other personifications danced during the tour and shared their traditions.

In this second Citizen Mega Comparsa, which traveled along Calzada Porfirio Díaz, Avenida Benito Juárez and García Vigil Street to later arrive at Alameda de León, there was no shortage of floats that joined this celebration.

The State governor highlighted that this second Comparsa seeks to share the traditions of Oaxaca, something that had not been done before.

He explained that through these festivities, Oaxaca remains the cultural epicenter of the country and positions itself as an entity focused on preserving the traditions that give meaning to the roots of people and communities.

He recalled that, to make known the vision that the towns and communities of the state have regarding death, the State Government through the Secretariats of Tourism; of Interculturality, Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples and Communities; of Cultures and Arts, organized the Day of the Dead program, The most lively festival of all, which included artistic and cultural activities aimed at the whole family and that will continue until November 4 in the capital city.

Source: Quadratin