Luke Life Charms visits Tampico; compare city with the United States


Starting with his classic phrase “I’m a gringo here,” content creator Luke Life Charms posted some videos where he says he is in Tampico and was amazed, he said, by its resemblance to the United States. During his time in the Tamaulipas territory, he was also in Ciudad Victoria and ate flour tacos.

Luke Life Charms is a content creator who bases his publications on his trips to various parts of the world, including Mexico.

He was recently in Tamaulipas, according to the publications he made. First in Tampico, where he visited the shopping center and said that it is very similar to the United States.

“It’s like the United States… This city is called Tampico and I think it’s like the United States, a little.”

In that video titled “I wouldn’t think this is Mexico,” his Tampico followers quickly gave him some recommendations to get to know the city, such as going to the Carpintero lagoon, seeing the crocodiles, visiting the historic center to see the architecture of the old buildings very similar to those in New Orleans and of course, eating a torta.

What did Luke Life Charms say about Tampico?

It should be remembered that recently, another TikToker visited Tampico and the comments about the city did not please his followers or other users.

But not only did he visit Tampico, he was also in Ciudad Victoria where in a small stand he ate a taco of flour tortilla and this is what he said about them: “Tacos of what? “They are very delicious.”

In another video, the tiktoker is in the central area of Ciudad Victoria, but in the comments there are users who told him that it was Oaxaca.

Luke Life Charms has almost 150 thousand followers on TikTok and more than 79 thousand subscribers on YouTube. In his social networks, he shows his travels, he has already visited several cities in the Mexican Republic.

Source: Milenio