Indulge in the Gastronomic Delights of Paris: 6 Must-Try Foods


Popularly called the ‘City of Love’, Paris offers some of the best romantic places and shopping to tourists who want to explore Paname’s métropole and experience the famous landmarks, awe-inspiring art collections, and impressive cafe culture.

Nevertheless, the French cuisine found on the streets is just as delicious. You will miss out on something if you miss eating out in Paris. 

You can fly on Air France UAE and explore the cuisine of Paris, such as the iconic croissants and baguettes, which are a staple in every bakery. Don’t forget to try escargots, a traditional French delicacy that consists of cooked snails in garlic butter. 

French food has taken the world by storm with its formal methods, rich history, concentration on simple flavours and fresh ingredients, and pride in presentation, establishing a basis for a range of other culinary trends.

Not all French cuisine is connected to haute cuisine and elegant dining establishments; you can have some of the best dishes in Paris at a modest French bakery at affordable prices. Here are our top picks of Paris’ culinary delights.

  1. Croissants

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Drawn from the yeast-based Austrian “kipferl”, a bread roll, the widely consumed French croissant is considered a traditional French pastry. It was an alternative to “kipferl,” and it became the most well-liked dish throughout the nation. This superb croissant, with a lot of puff pastry, is very crispy and smells buttery inside. Enjoy it for breakfast with some jam or chocolate spread.

  1. Baguettes

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The baguette is one French culinary classic that tourists can hardly miss when visiting the country. One of the most recognisable images of France is the long-baked bread, which is best consumed fresh out of the bakery while it is still warm and toasty.

In France, baguette is consumed with every meal. It is a main course and appetiser, which the French have with other dishes anytime at dinner and lunch. The traditional baguette is white, and it is prepared using refined wheat flour and a certain percentage of broken whole wheat grains, or oatmeal.

It is socially forbidden to add any ingredients to a baguette other than water, salt, and yeast. France is closely associated with baguettes, being the nation’s most recognisable international symbol. You can have the tastiest baguettes from artisan bakers, who make bread patiently using premium ingredients, in Paris.

  1. Coq Au Vin

Unquestionably, coq au vin is the national dish of Parisians. Without tasting the traditional Coq Au Vin, what will a trip to Paris be? Coq au vin, a traditional French recipe cooked slowly and blended with wine and chicken to create a delicious braised dish, was known for its simplicity. The recipe’s traditional highlights are the bacon strips known as lardons, pearl onions, and button mushrooms.

  1. Cheese

If you want to experience the true culinary capital of Paris, you should visit its cheese stores, which offer different types of cheese flavours ranging from mild to sharp from each region. Brie cheese, which is made from raw milk and is appreciated for its unique flavour and delicate texture, comes from several parts of France. Coulommiers and Roquefort are among the other cheese varieties found in Paris.

5. Onion Soup

A coating of melted cheese, combined with crisp croutons, tops this flavourful soup made with caramelised onions and stock. Restaurants used to serve it to energise night revellers and handlers earlier. All reputable brasseries include onion soup on their menus these days.

6. Steak Frites

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Steak frites are among the most popular dishes you will find in France. This simple yet satisfying dish may be found in all Parisian bistros and restaurants. The dish, which consists of steak and fries, is usually served with a sauce.

Steak frites is a term that refers to the words bifteck and fries. Fries are an essential side dish, but the steak is the major ingredient of the dish. The most common cut of steak used is the ribeye cut, while the popular T-bone or sirloin steak is also used on some restaurant menus. Typically, this dish is served with Béarnaise sauce.

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