Cold frost 8 and temperature  -5°C degrees in Querétaro


The climate in Querétaro will be seriously affected by a drop in temperatures that will freeze the state; the thermometer is expected to drop to -5°C

Querétaro is preparing to receive an unexpected winter visit with the arrival of cold front No. 8. This meteorological event will bring with it a significant drop in temperatures, with minimums that could reach a chilling -5 degrees Celsius, marking a maximum of 0 degrees Celsius. So, make sure you have your blanket and a warm jacket on hand, because the cold will be relentless!

This cold front is scheduled to stay in Querétaro for a couple of days, extending until Friday, November 3. Therefore, it is vital that residents of the region stay warm and avoid sudden changes in temperature, as exposure to extreme cold can be harmful to health.

The weather forecast in Querétaro for Thursday, November 2, indicates that the Arctic air mass that accompanies this cold front will continue to generate cold temperatures, and even very cold, environment, especially in the early hours of the morning. This could lead to frost in the elevated areas of the Mesa del Norte and Mesa Central states of Mexico, so Querétaro must prepare. So, don’t forget to take extra precautions if you find yourself in these areas.

Weather forecast for Friday, November 3

On Friday, the cold air mass will persist, maintaining cold conditions at dawn. Frost will continue to be a possibility in the high areas of the northern and central states of the national territory.

In addition, due to the advance of cold front 8, heavy occasional rains are expected in Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco, along with showers in Puebla and Hidalgo.

Don’t go out without your jacket! Remember that cold front 8 will bring freezing temperatures to Querétaro, so it is essential that everyone prepares to face this winter episode.

Source: Debate