Puerto Vallarta hits one million passengers via sea


PUERTO VALLARTA, Jal., November 1, 2023.- Puerto Vallarta reached one million passengers by sea, consolidating itself as one of the preferred destinations for cruise passengers.

These are the couples Amir Tolentino and Fátima de Tolentino (Mexicans, from Zacatecas) and Rhonda Hendershort and Stacey Kemp (Americans, Carnival Panorama cruise passengers), who were awarded as passenger one million in the Puerto Vallarta port area.

At the end of October, 476 thousand cruise passengers and 524 thousand passengers on tourist and recreational vessels have been counted, which together gives one million passengers, detailed the Administration of the National Port System (Asipona Vallarta).

“That is why the Port Community organized itself and offered pleasant presents to the aforementioned couples, who received, among other things, Charro Hats, Rebozos, T-shirts, a bottle of tequila, tourist tours, meals and a dollar gift card in the middle of Mariachis and an overflowing joy of visitors and cruise crew (Hector, Sasa, Jay, Alexey, Senthil, Suhas and Gerry) whom we thank for their enthusiastic participation,” the organization added.

In this way, the Mexican Port is consolidated as one of the most important and preferred maritime destinations in the country.

Source: Quadratin