Senator claims the Mexican government has committed a “criminal omission”


Independent Mexican senator points out that the actions of the Mexican government after Otis are a “criminal omission.”

After the devastating passage of Hurricane Otis, the population of Acapulco remains without electricity and with great problems accessing basic supplies.

Against this backdrop, criticism has arisen about the government’s management of the crisis caused by Otis.

In the opinion of independent senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza, what is currently happening in Acapulco represents a “criminal omission” on the part of the Mexican government and demonstrates the absence of the State before, during, and after the hurricane.

Emilio Alvarez Icaza

Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria is a Mexican sociologist and politician dedicated to the defense of human rights. In civil society, he has been a co-founder and collaborator of several civil movements and organizations, such as Alianza Cívica, Cencos, and the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

Source: OEM

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