More and more tourists prefer to visit Mazatlán aboard catamarans


Catamaran rides through the bays of Mazatlán increase by 40%; Visitors prefer to tour the port through this service

MAZATLAN.- Catamaran tours in Mazatlán have experienced a significant rebound, with a 40 percent increase in demand during the last week compared to the previous one. These rides have become a preferred choice for visitors looking to explore the port’s beautiful bays.

The operator, Luis Ángel Cruz Lizárraga, commented that in the last week there has been a significant increase in demand for catamaran rides, and this trend is expected to continue during the Day of the Dead long weekend, when many tourists want to immerse themselves further. deeply into the experience and get to know personally what it means to get on board a catamaran.

According to Cruz Lizárraga, the experience aboard these ships provides tourists with a special and unforgettable moment in their lives. It allows them to discover the charms and pleasures of living in Mazatlán, in a relaxed and comfortable environment at all times.

“We have always offered our visitors a taste of what the port has to offer, but above all, they have to live a unique moment since they are the ones who come to have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the sea. It catches the attention of many, and they come with families and friends to take a trip to the catamarans,” he explained.

Cruz Lizárraga pointed out that there are different packages available, with prices that vary according to customer preferences. Currently, the cost for adults without additional services is 200 pesos, while those looking for an all-inclusive experience can enjoy it for 400 pesos.

Additionally, for the youngest, the trip around the bay, exploring the various destinations that the catamaran visits, costs 200 pesos for children from 7 to 13 years old.

Source: Punto