Chiapas: 2 workers die buried in a Maya Train construction site


A third worker was injured after an excavation on the Palenque-Pakalná route, on federal highway 199.

Two workers lost their lives and a third was injured in a tragic incident that occurred during the early hours of this Thursday, October 26th, when they were trapped underground while digging a well approximately 3 meters deep, intended for the installation of the pipeline in the Maya Train station. 

The incident took place on federal highway 199, part of the Palenque-Pakalná route, in Chiapas.

A little more than a month after the inauguration scheduled by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the first 257 kilometers of the complete route of the Maya Train, which extends from Palenque to Escárcega, Calkiní, Izamal, and Cancún, it is confirmed that the construction of the station corresponding to this section, run by the company Grupo Vilariño, is still in process and has not been completed yet.

A witness reported that the employees were carrying out their work at 3:00 in the morning on Thursday, October 26th, with the purpose of avoiding traffic congestion during daylight hours.

At the time the events occurred, the other workers realized that the earth had buried three of their colleagues.

Given this, they used a backhoe to remove the two bodies of the victims, ages 24 and 46. 

The survivor was taken to the Palenque Hospital, where he will be treated by medical personnel for injuries to his knee and pelvis.

‘Until now he (the worker) is in stable health because he was not affected much. What we know is that the deceased were originally from here in Palenque,’ commented the witness. 

According to a recent inspection carried out by the national media Reforma, the Mayan Train station is located approximately thirty minutes from the Guadalupe ejido, which is where the train line will pass and where the construction works have concluded.

Source: Reforma

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