Burning of piñatas, blockades and protests: what was experienced during AMLO’s visit to Chiapas


President López Obrador visited Palenque to lead the Migration Summit

The visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to Palenque, Chiapas, to lead the Summit on Migration, For a fraternal and well-being neighborhood, was surrounded by protests, demonstrations and even the burning of piñatas.

Even with the visit of representatives from 11 Latin American nations, both migrants and compatriots took advantage of the occasion to express their disagreement with the actions of the federal government, but also with some of the people who attended, such as the representatives of Venezuela and Cuba, Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Díaz-Canel, respectively.

Protests by members of the SNTE and CNTE

During the first hours of the day, before the arrival of the Mexican president, a concentration of members of the Union was reported

The objective of the demonstration was the reinstallation of the National Board to solve, together with the federal administration, the problems related to the shortcomings that the union would have in the entity, as well as the repeal of the Educational and Labor Reform, to the ISSSTE, including against the freezing of Sectional Committee positions and the dismissal of 60 teachers.

Given the concentration of civilians, authorities from the state of Chiapas arrived to start a conversation and free the passage; However, this did not happen. Moments later, the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), Luisa María Alcalde, arrived, as well as other members of the agency to guarantee a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the state governor.

Demonstration of migrants and burning of piñatas

Meanwhile, in Tapachula, Chiapas, around 200 migrants stranded on the country’s southern border demonstrated against the visit of the presidents of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, Daniel Ortega, Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Díaz-Canel, respectively.

The concentration took place specifically on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, where the protesters showed up with three piñatas of the aforementioned characters, which were first paraded and, later, burned.

When asked by the media about the reason for this action, the migrants explained that they were against the summit organized by the Mexican government because they would allegedly seek to profit from the social problem they face.

“What the summit brings is more of the same, there is nothing more than the corruption of countries that want to profit from migration, pain and blood,” said the director of Peoples Without Borders, Irineo Mújica.

The protests in the area, specifically in the Bicentenario Park, began last Friday and Saturday, in all of them the migrants have asked the Mexican authorities to attend to the requests for refuge, especially the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees, as they alleged that the procedures have taken from six months to a year.

Likewise, a young Venezuelan woman, María Elena Lans, told La Jornada of her disagreement with the meeting since she considered that Nicolás Maduro’s visit could hinder the relationship with the United States and thus make it more difficult for them to achieve their goal of crossing the border.

“It’s going to get worse for us, because everything is going to be blocked. It will take away the possibility of being able to go to the United States or other countries that we want to reach,” she said.

Finally, it was announced that a caravan is scheduled for next Monday, October 30, which will leave Tapachula towards the border with the United States.

Source: Infobae