Will the Day of the Dead not come? Streets of San Cristóbal are without decorations


The streets of the historic center of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, as well as businesses that are located on the three main walkways and streets of the city, prior to the Day of the Dead are not decorated, and every year on this date they are full of colors in the center of the city, but unfortunately this year it is seen completely abandoned without being decorated.

When taking a tour this Thursday afternoon in the 3 walkways of San Cristóbal and other streets, as can be seen in the images, there are no decorations, much less in any business, only one decorated business was observed at the main entrance surrounded by flowers, Even though San Cristobal residents are 70 or 80% Catholic, when trying to interview passersby, business owners or workers refused, stating that they had nothing to say about it.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas